Charlie Gaynor:  "This man knows his way around town."

Charlie Gaynor

City Houses, LLC

1906 18th Street NW,,
Washington, DC 20009

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Charlie Gaynor, Realtor ®

Company: City Houses, LLC
Address: 1906 18th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009
Direct: (202) 246-1333
Office: (202) 234-1784 ext. 111

I became a homeowner in 1977 and it was the best business decision I ever made. I acted as general contractor and got to know the ins and outs of renovation. All of my friends were Realtors and I learned so much about the business long before I earned my Real Estate license. My Real Estate career began in 1985 when I traded in a management position in Guest Services at a local hotel. I began selling in a good market; soon to turn to a horrible market in the early 90’s only to revive again in the mid-90s. We got thru the 2008 financial crisis and it has been good ever since! We learn to roll with the times...and DC remains a stable Real Estate market.

The slogan that I have used for the last twenty plus years states “This Man Knows His Way Around Town”. It is a very true statement. As Guest Services Manager in the Hotel business, it was my job to train and manage the employees who came in contact with our guests; one of the areas they needed to know were the neighborhoods that are so vibrant and make DC such an interesting place to live. I continue to “know my way around town” as DC has developed; it is a fantastic city to live in.
This is what I like to share with my Real Estate clients. I specialize in DC homes- not the suburbs. Whether you are looking for Victorian row houses, Mid-Century homes, detached Colonials or chic Lofts, I know where to find them...neighborhood is important. I know the proximity to Metro, grocery stores, shopping, theater or just a good coffee house.

If you are selling or buying, the experience of renovating my own home is invaluable; you may want painters, plumbers, electricians, or ideas to “stage” your home to put its best foot forward. I am constantly previewing inventory and recent sales to keep up with what the market is telling us. My web site is www.SellingDCHomes. Please take a look, there is much good information there.